Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to keep your cheap break, cheap

Most of us try to find a cheap getaway, a short break that fits our minuscule budget or a cheap holiday in the sun, but do you also notice that it never happens and you never find it right under budget?

We all live to our means and that transfers to other areas of our lives. If you were to get a payrise, no doubt you will spend more everyday essentials and socializing and not much on saving. Am I right?

We also always want what we can’t have so we push ourselves, just like with our holidays. We, the public, are constantly exposed to looking at stunning holiday locations, incredible hotels and amazing experiences which then pushes our expectations up when it comes round to something. No matter what our budget, there’s always something more that would make a nice addition to the holiday. So how do you combat this? Here are a few tips on how to keep your short breaks or cheap holidays on a budget:

Be flexible
Being able to travel at any time of the week and at any time of day seriously increases your chances of coming in under budget. As most people prefer to travel on a short break or holiday on a weekend, flights and Eurostar prices can shoot up, leaving you out of pocket. If you do have to go on a weekend, make sure you book early, particularly with low-cost airlines, to ensure you get the lowest prices.

Look around
You may find that one online travel agent is cheaper than another. At the same time, booking your flights, hotel, car hire and anything else you may need may work out cheaper than booking as a package. Always keep your eyes peeled for deals and offers. It can be a pain and you end up deleting them from your inbox, but it’s also worthwhile signing up to companies like Groupon and Voyage Prive in case they have any special offers for the destinations you are looking at.

Check out the deals from discount websites like
Be flexible…again
This time, it’s with your destination. You may have your heart set on a weekend break in Paris but if you are flexible and open minded, you could probably go for a city break elsewhere for even cheaper. Why not try a little Italian town or city instead? The same goes with holiday destinations. Have a look at the other destinations available. Majorca may not seem to you to be the most tranquil of places but once you get up into the hills, you can find yourself in lush green areas with few other people

Pay with a debit card
We are all too keen to go on holiday before we can afford it but by paying with a creditcard, you are also increasing your costs. Credit card charges are now widely used by companies and at the same time, if you can drop any of the other charges they have, it’s worthwhile. Why not share one checked in bag between the two of you instead of one each. Take a look at your own insurance as well. Sometimes the additional extras can have a high mark up

Keep to these four rules and this should help you come under budget for your next holiday. For more short break ideas and tips, visit my budget break