Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How to avoid putting on weight on holiday

We all do it. Whether we go and see family who fill us up with rich treats and roast dinners or we do no exercise but eat banquet after banquet of buffet dinners, putting on holiday weight is inevitable. Or is it? I for one, when in front of a buffet, will make the most of it. And I mean make the MOST of it. Two helpings for starters, a plate for mains, oh go on then, another plate as it was so tasty. And dessert? Well I can’t quite manage but I will anyway and I decide that one helping isn’t enough, so two pieces of cheesecake with ice-cream and some fruit (this helps me feel better about eating so much), it is. Feeling full to the point where I

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Emirates and Qantas announce 10 year agreement

Image courtesy of qantas.com.au

The aviation industry can certainly be quite volatile at times. Whilst many airlines are offering services with a continuously high load factor and producing year after year of profits, others have seen a real downturn in the industry and are making deeply concerning losses. Qantas is one such airline that has been struggling, particularly with its international route network. In July this year, Qantas announced that during the Australian financial year to June 2012, the airline’s international division had made a loss of $450m AUD. As with any

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Try a local Muay Thai lesson on a stopover in Bangkok

The lively and cultural country of Thailand lies in the south-east of Asia. A country with a huge diversity of people, lifestyles, scenery and much more. People are visiting this stunning country in droves for both luxury and budget beach holidays and short stopovers with flights to Bangkok now starting at £535 per person including taxes. It’s also a starting point for many who are looking to explore other countries and areas of Asia. One thing that Thailand is very famous for, however, is Thai Boxing, also known as Muay Thai and Thai kickboxing.