Monday, January 28, 2013

Favourite winter cities

It’s been a long time since we posted and with all this snow around in the UK, I wanted to chat about favourite snowy destinations. You know the ones. When you wrap up warm in your hat and gloves and go out in the evening with the snow on the ground, crunching underneath your feet, and the lights of the city sparkling at you.

Well as I’m sure you’ve guess by now, my favourite destination in the snow is a city, and in my opinion, one
of the world’s best cities no matter which season you travel in. I’m talking about New York City, of course. For anyone who has been there over Christmas particularly, the city never sleeps has the most amazing magical quality about it. So many happy people and so many visitors enjoying it too. The Rockefeller Center in all it’s Christmas glory is one of those sights that has to be seen. Central Park, another iconic area of the city which in the winter, is alive with ice-skaters and snowball makers. Cold winter nights strolling through the city are definitely an experience that will be remembered.

Image courtesy of Rotoract Club of Westminster
The cold, crisp, bright blue winter mornings are also a favourite. Watching the steam coming up from the street drains or from the top of buildings reminds you of all those films and programmes you’ve watched about the Big Apple and suddenly, it all becomes a reality. You start recognizing scenes from Home Alone 2 or SATC and you automatically feel like you’ve been there before. Like you recognise it all and almost feeling as if at home in the city. Soon the lively parties will also celebrate the Superbowl, one of the year’s biggest sporting events in the USA and if you do anything in the States, you have to watch a sports game live.  

London is another favourite of mine, particularly at Christmas. Oxford Street comes alive with lights and frantic shoppers trying to get their last minute presents. The banks of the Thames are also a great place to stroll during winter, and with the Christmas markets, again, you place will feel magical.

I know the skies can be grey during the winter, but on those crisp mornings when there's not a cloud in the sky, it all makes it worth it. And if that doesn't make you feel happy, Summer is just around the corner.....I promise..... :)

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