Thursday, May 30, 2013

A taste of Istanbul

Located at the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea lies the beautiful country of Turkey, famous for its rich cultural heritage, striking scenery, the Blue Mosque and of course, Turkish Baths. But fly to Istanbul, the country’s largest city and you will find a wealth of attractions and events to entertain you.

Despite not being Turkey’s capital city, Istanbul does boast over 13 million citizens, making it the largest in the country. It also sits on one of the world’s busiest waterways between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara which was an important historical trade route.

Made up of 39 districts, each offers an insight into Istanbul’s long history, such as Yali which plays host to a wealth of luxury houses and mansions.

Hagia Sophia - Courtesy of
The architecture in Istanbul is what really sets the city apart from others. The Hagia Sophia is the perfect example of such exquisite architecture. Once a church, then a mosque and now a museum, the Hagia Sophia was built in 537 and stands proudly in the heart of the city centre.

If it’s the local cuisine you have come to taste, being a seaside city means Istanbul offers countless delicious seafood restaurants along it’s coastline. Poseidon, is a must for seafood lovers with its exquisite cuisine and beautiful views across the bay, Poseidon is a favourite amongst both locals and visitors.

What are your recommendations for this impressive city?

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