Sunday, June 23, 2013

The future commute - a flying bicycle?

Duratec, a Czech bicycle manufacturer has released details of what their future bikes may look like. Working together with software and technology company Technodat and Evektor, a light sports aircraft manufacturer both based out of the Czech Republic, Duratec have revealed the F-Bike.

Researchers from the relevant development teams revealed their first flying bicycle prototype in late 2012 and just recently they held an event at the PVA Expo Center in Prague to showcase it. The unveiled design does not support much weight and as a result, the 95kg bicycle supported a test dummy as its sole user during demonstrations.

Lifting off with the use of 4 electric battery powered propellers, controlled by remote control, the bike stayed in the air for a few minutes, with maximum current air time of five minute before the batteries require recharging. This may seem like a short time period, but as battery capacity increases, flights possible flights could become longer and longer.

Although not a finished model, the prototype certainly paves the way for the future of painful city commuting. Despite this, Technodat CEO Ales Kobylik explained “The objective of the F-Bike project was the flying bike study and not flying bike production

You can find out more about the F-Bike at 

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