Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Frequent Travellers

The appeal of travelling for business is certainly exciting, especially if you don’t get to travel too much, however, and it sounds a bit blasé, but those who have to regularly travel will tell you that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Short trips, long hours, jetlag,and cramped seats if you are travelling economy are all possible but we aren’t letting them take away the excitement from it, definitely not. It’s still exciting for everyone else! The other perk of course, is becoming a frequent flyer. More often than not it’s the cheapest airline that you’ll fly with which always varies so it’s difficult to pick an airline to stick with for a frequent flyer programme.

We took a look at the frequent flyer programmes around and one stands out particularly well for us for those that don’t get to travel too often. Heard of Aegean Airlines? They are big in Greece and are doing well. Even better is that they are part of the Star Alliance, the world’s biggest airline alliance and winner of the Skytrax World’s Best Airline Alliance for 2012.

What’s great about the airline is that it has the quickest way to achieve “Gold” status in the Star Alliance which means no matter which airline you fly with in the alliance, you get some great benefits such as lounge access and higher priority for upgrades. You only need to reach 4,000 miles for Silver status and then a further 16,000 miles for Gold. That’s one return flight to New York in economy with United Airlines for silver status and three return economy flights for Gold. You would probably need to spend less than £3000 in total whereas most other airlines to reach this status you would be looking at double this. It seems like a lot but if you are travelling (especially for business) anyway, you probably won’t notice. What you will notice is the extra service you get with it.

So take a look at Aegean Airlines and also have a look at the benefits of having a gold status at Star Alliance.

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